2 Long-tailed Ducks in Cologny!


What a great chance it was to see these 2 Long-tailed Ducks (Clangula hyemalis) from the lake shore in Cologny, right outside of Geneva. The light was very challenging and the weather conditions were not ideal to see the details of the birds, but still, wow!

Long-tailed Ducks are only see in winter here. Most of the time they are far out in the distance, and their numbers are very low. When I heard about this couple, I headed to Cologny in the following days. This is the kind of sighting you really want to have when you are birdwatching in Geneva. I was hoping to see them from not too far, at least to be able to enjoy their beauty and take a shot or two.

It was still dark when I decided to sit and then lay on a dock, waiting for them. Appearing from nowhere, they came towards me, stayed a while, and moved away. Mindblowing.