Birding hotspot in Canton of Geneva : Lac des Vernes in Meyrin


Today, I discovered a new birding hotspot in Geneva area. Giving a wildlife photography private class to a teenager living near Meyrin, Switzerland, I decided to bring him to a place we both did not know : Lac des Vernes.

This artificial lake was built recently to control the water level of the Nant d’Avril, a little local river. Construction ended in June 2017 and since then it has attracted quite a lot of birds, including unusual species such as the Little Crake or the Black Stork.

During our 3 hour class walking around Lac des Vernes, the light was quite awful for photography and for bird watching, but we still spotted 24 bird species! The highlight was a group of 3 White Storks circling above the lake. Magical!

Here is my Lac des Vernes checklist on ebird if you are interested :

Love Nature.