Garden Birding II

Black Kite (Milvus migrans)

Black Kite (Milvus migrans)

I have now moved to a new house and I quickly had some great sightings. As you know, I enjoy a lot birding from my garden, or even from inside the house looking by the window.

Here is the list of bird species I have spotted from this house. Do you have your own home checklist ? If not, I invite you to start it now. ;)

Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica)
Black Kite (Milvus migrans)
Black Redstart (Phoenicurus ochruros)
Carrion Crow (Corvus corone)
Common Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs)
Common Cuckoo (Cuculus canorus)
Common Firecrest (Regulus ignicapilla)
Common Hoopoe (Upupa epops)
Common Magpie (Pica pica)
Common Nightingale (Luscinia megarhynchos)
Common Raven (Corvus corax)
Common Starling (Sturnus vulgaris)
Common Woodpigeon (Columba palumbus)
Eurasian Blackbird (Turdus merula)
Eurasian Blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla)
Eurasian Blue Tit (Cyanistes caeruleus)
Eurasian Collared-dove (Streptopelia decaocto)
Eurasian Green Woodpecker (Picus viridis)
Eurasian Jay (Garrulus glandarius)
Eurasian Sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus)
European Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis)
European Greenfinch (Carduelis chloris)
European Robin (Erithacus rubecula)
European Serin (Serinus serinus)
Great Spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocopos major)
Great Tit (Parus major)
House Sparrow (Passer domesticus)
Long-tailed Tit (Aegithalos caudatus)
Northern House Martin (Delichon urbicum)
Short-toed Treecreeper (Certhia brachydactyla)

Love Nature.